With Terro Ant Killer Household Ants Will Love This Liquid Bait

Last Updated on April 15, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

If you’re like most people, you probably have some trouble with ants in your yard from time to time. This can really be a problem if these little creatures find their way into your home. There are several products available to help rid your home of this annoying pest if it should ever become necessary. The Terro Ant Killer Bait is an easy to use pre-filled packet that will kill all household ants. The small packet contains a liquid ant killer that is harmful to them when ingested. The ants are drawn to the bait because they believe it is a food they can eat. Once it is ingested, ants will start heading back to feed the colony.

Now begins the most effective step in eliminating your ant problems. Each ant will deliver the toxic brew to the queen ant and the rest of the colony. This toxic liquid is not designed to kill the pests on contact, but rather works on their digestive systems in a slow manner. This is to ensure it will be passed on to the entire nest so you won’t have to continue repeating the procedure. Because this Terro Liquid Ant Bait comes in its own packet, there are no messy sprays or powders you have to deal with.

The Positives
The same proven Terro liquid formulation, in a convenient, pre-filled bait station. The patented design eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents drying out. The Terro Ant Bait kill all common household ants. This well designed Terro Ant Poison limits drips, spills or mess to clean up. Unlike ant killer sprays you don’t have to inhale chemicals.

The Negatives
A few voiced issues with the bait not working or the house ants just ignoring it. The liquid ant bait can spill out if you’re not handling the containers correctly.

So What’s The Scoop?
Having an ant infestation in your home is never pleasant, but with ant killer bait like this, you can quickly regain control of your home environment. Definitely one of the best ant killer products on the market today.

Terro Ant Baits.

Terro Outdoor Ant Killer.

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  1. Product Scoop says:

    Please share with us any of your questions or comments concerning this Terro Ant Killer review! Here’s the manufacturer link for the Terro 300 Pre-Filled Liquid Ant Killer II Bait.

  2. For years we always depended on Terro to get rid of ants–NO PROBLEM THEN!!
    For the last several years–with the borax based Terro–the ants just ignore the Terro and it does NOTHING to get rid of the ants!!!
    Is there any way of getting the ORIGINAL FORMULA Terro so that we can get rid of the pesky ants?? Is there any place it can be purchased. We’d be glad to drive there and get it. What about Canada??
    (The darn EPA seems determined to rid our world of every effective product.)

  3. Product Scoop says:

    Well that’s a bummer Gerald – perhaps visit Terro.com, send them an email and see if they have any solutions to that specific issue.

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