Teeth Whitening Kit That Is Enamel Safe And Offers Great Results

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A smile is seen as a universal sign of happiness. For individuals looking for a brighter whiter smile, the Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Advanced Seal can help achieve it. The advanced seal allows the user to talk, drink and go about life without worry the strip will slip. This teeth whitening kit boasts professional effects as well as being enamel safe. The professional effects can last up to 12 months. The kit is meant to give a professional smile makeover at home. Crest offers several different teeth whitening kits, but the Crest 3D Professional Effects is the top of the line for home teeth whitening kits.

A more affordable kit, the Crest 3D Vivid, is available, but does not show effects as quickly and does not have the Advanced Seal. As with any product, there are both positive and negative experiences posted by consumers. Many have reported their teeth have become sensitive during and after use. Some also report tooth and gum pain.

Crest even addresses this in their packaging. Many users, however, reported no pain or sensitivity from the use of the whitening strips. Users found the product easy to put on and take off as well as being comfortable to wear. The effectiveness varied between users from no difference to brilliant white teeth.

The Positives
Professional level whitening results that last up to 12 months. Advanced Seal technology allows you to talk, drink water and go about your day. Home teeth whitening kit can produce a whiter smile after just 3 days. This dental whitening kit is enamel safe. Same whitening ingredient dentists use. In 30 minutes, remove the white strips and you’re done for the day.

The Negatives
You might get tooth pain when using these Crest Whitestrips. Some felt the instructions could have been better for first time users.

So What’s The Scoop?
In general, users report being happy with the Crest Teeth Whitening Kit. It costs far less than having teeth whitening professionally done. It works, but users should not expect to achieve a movie star smile.

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