This T3 Wet Or Dry Flat Iron Can Dry And Straighten Hair In One Step

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The T3 Tourmaline Wet to Dry Flat Iron is specially designed to accommodate both wet and dry hair. Using a unique channel and vent system, the T3 Flat Iron is able to remove excess moisture from the hair, creating shiny, smooth hair straight from the shower. This flat iron uses both infrared and tourmaline technology to lock in shine and moisture while drying hair to a glossy finish. Because the T3 ceramic flat iron is used on damp hair, it is able to dry and straighten hair in one easy step, reducing the chance of over heating the hair and creating damage. The T3 tourmaline virtually steam dries hair, locking in moisture and vitality.

The iron can be used to curl or straighten hair and has an adjustable temperature control. The T3 tourmaline flat iron comes with a 4-year warranty and a handy travel pouch. The T3 iron is not recommended for use on hair that is dripping wet, always towel dry hair before using the flat iron.

Never use this or any electrical device while bathing or showering. Keep this and all electrical appliances unplugged and stored away from tubs, sinks or toilets when not in use. Use caution when using T3 Flat Iron, the high temperature of the iron can cause burns if it comes into contact with the skin.

The Positives
Flat iron combines tourmaline with the finest ceramic hair straightener heater. The ceramic hair flat iron swiftly heats up to 410F temperature. This bio ionic flat iron emits the most far infrared heat of any ceramic flat iron. Consumers report that the T3 offers better results with less risk of hair damage. T3 Flat Iron comes in an attractive package and design.

The Negatives
A report that the flat iron overheated during use. High temperature of the iron can cause burns if it comes into contact with the skin.

So What’s The Scoop?
Most T3 Flat Iron owners reported that although the “straight out of the shower” claim was a bit exaggerated, it did work quite well with towel dried hair.

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