Stamina Exercise Stepper Machine Provides A Safe Workout

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If you like the thought of adding more exercise into your routine, but have issues finding time or money to frequent a gym, then this stepper machine might be the solution for you. From Stamina comes its InStride Electronic Stepper. The big draw of this unit is its size, making it easy to take virtually anywhere. This stepper machine measures twelve inches wide by sixteen inches long (that translates into 192 square inches) and weighs in at about twenty pounds. Use it throughout the house to squeeze in an effective workout, or toss in a bag to take it with you to the office for a bit of lunchtime exercise. Now let’s move on to the features.

The stepper features two hydraulic cylinders and is meant to give a workout similar to commercial steppers. Battery-operated, this Stepper Machine counts each of your steps and also keeps track of the amount of time spent exercising and also displays this info on its LED screen.

It is constructed of durable steel frame and also has wide, textured foot pedals for added stability. Squeaking noises from the unit seem to be a fairly common concern from consumers providing online reviews. Also, many consumers did report the unit breaking after a time of use.

The Positives
Electronic stair stepper that takes up a mere 192 square inches of space. Small enough to fit in a corner, in front of the TV, or in a travel bag. The two hydraulic cylinders create stepping motion to boost cardio. Battery-operated fitness monitor times each workout and counts steps. Offer an exercise that is less jarring than treadmills but still quite intense.

The Negatives
Some reviewers mentioned the stepper becoming squeaky after some use. Reports of this mini stepper exerciser breaking down came from a number of owners.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many users felt the unit was very portable and really did provide a great workout.If your short on time, space and money, this exercise stepper machine could be a good investment in your health.

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