Valeo Speed Jump Rope Has Sealed Ball Bearings For Even Rotation

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When you are looking for an opportunity to exercise, the Valeo JRS jump rope is a great model for speed and agility as far as jump ropes are concerned. The makers claim that it is nicely used for adults as well as children, creating the perfect adjustments for any height. It can be used for those who are growing in height too. The knots on the rope are somewhat cumbersome to the motion of the rope, though that can be removed by cutting away any excess rope. The rope is also not long enough for anyone who is taller than six feet and two inches. Measuring means standing in the middle of the rope with both feet and pulling the rope to the armpits.

The Positives
As far as price and speed are concerned, the two are complementary. The price is worth it for the speed of the jump rope. The caps can be easily pulled off of the ends of the handles so that the rope can be measured for the appropriate length.

This jump rope comes equipped with two additional crimp bands. This is perfect if you need to readjust the length of the rope by cutting off additional rope length and crimping the new bands in place, then replacing the cap. Of course, before cutting the rope, it is recommended that you practice with the intended length so that you don’t cut it too short on accident.

The Negatives
One reviewer complained about quality, noting that the items broke down quickly, but this was opposed to most of the others who said these are very durable utensils. Another reviewer noted that the utensils are “fat” and a little hard to maneuver because of this. If you have smaller hands, you might prefer a slimmer set.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, the reviews I read on the internet say that the Valeo speed jump rope is great for speed, but it is really difficult to adjust. The adjustment has simple parts—such as removing the cap to tie a knot around the ends—but then the difficult part is replacing the caps.

Valeo Jump Rope Speed.

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