Comfortably Support Your Neck With The Duro-Med Soft Cervical Collar

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The Duro-Med soft foam cervical collar is available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, which makes it easy to find the perfect fit without having to adjust the collar. It’s made from polyurethane foam and is super soft, while offering adequate support that reduces head and cervical vertebrae movement. The foam is covered with a ribbed stockinet cover that wicks away at moisture so you receive proper air circulation without getting hot and sweaty. When I researched this product, I found that the reviews were somewhat mixed. First it seems to be a good option for those who have minimal discomfort in their neck region.

Secondly it works for those that are looking for a soft and comfortable cervical collar to sleep in or do light chores around the house. The product is made from soft foam that has a 12 density foam and 33 compression rating. It goes on easily and uses a hook and loop closure that can be secured with one hand. The collar is washable and comfortable enough that it can be worn all day.

The Positives
Lots of reviewers enjoy the softness of this product, as it makes the cervical collar comfortable and hassle-free to wear. In fact, the collar is so soft, some reviewers said they sleep with it on and have no discomfort whatsoever. The product also washes well and won’t stretch out or fade, making it easy to keep clean.

Sizing seems to be spot-on, although some felt that it would be nice to have an adjustable collar that could be modified to the proper setting. On the flip side, other reviewers said they loved the ease of being able to put on the collar without any effort.

The Negatives
While the softness of the product was a highlight for some people, it was a downfall for others. For those that require extra support while doing housework for example, a stiffer cervical collar may be a better option. These same reviewers also felt that with a firmer collar, you can wear the product underneath a collared shirt without it looking puffy. Yet even with the pliability of this product, everyone agreed that it’s an excellent option for sleeping with.

So What’s The Scoop?
I would recommend this cervical collar for sleeping or other light activities such as reading or watching TV, but I’m not sure I would suggest it for anything beyond that. If you’re looking for a product that offers support, you’ll want to choose a firmer collar that will prevent the cervical vertebrae from moving. Cervical collars offered from Medline or Caldera cost a bit more, but will offer the additional support, without compromising comfort and quality.

Foam Cervical Collar.

Duro Med Soft Foam Cervical Collar.

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