SinfulColors Professional Nail Color- Can $1.98 Get You a Decent Nail Polish?

Last Updated on January 31, 2016 by Cassie Lyons

SinfulColors Professional Nail Color is a brand of nail lacquer that comes in an astounding 167 colors! I purchased the “Black on Black” which is just as you’d expect- plain black. You can also purchase these polishes in packs ranging from 2-10 of the same color- I personally only bought one to try it out for the first time. Each bottle contains 0.5 fluid ounces and is a simple rounded bottle with a black handle. This brand can be found at chain stores such as: Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Target.

The Positives
Well as I pointed out in the title, one of the best attributes of this product is its price- $1.98. Also, above I skimmed over an impressive fact: there are 167 different varieties of nail colors! That is rather extensive, but I’m not complaining. The nail polish is smooth and not too thick or thin and doesn’t seem to be easily separated.

The Negatives
I will say this polish is a little thin, but in my opinion I’d rather it be too thin than too thick. You also need to apply two coats- which again is the usual for even nail polishes that cost $8.99.

So What’s The Scoop?
SinfulColors Professional Nail Color are decent, easily available polishes that come in 167 different varieties. They cost less than two dollars each and apply easily with no air bubbles. There is absolutely no reason not to try these! Cheap, easy, and in every shade of the rainbow- SinfulColors Professional Nail Color is a perfect option for the budget beauty guru.



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