The Schylling Sock Monkey Is The Triumphant Return of a Classic

Last Updated on June 19, 2019 by Cassie Lyons

Did you used to have a sock monkey as a kid? In the 1900’s mothers started crafting these socks into sock monkeys and other animals for their children. It is a classic that was a favorite for many children that are now adults. Or maybe, you just must have the sock monkey from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. Who didn’t fall in love with that character! We could not get enough of that little guy. Well, this is the toy we remember and cherish. So, why not share it that experience with your own child! This Schylling Sock Monkey received some worthy upgrades like eyes that are embroidered, no worries about this toy being loved to death.

It is child safe, with no sharp objects pointing out and is plenty durable. It comes in the traditional brown, with red lips and a cute hat. At about 20 inches tall this toy is very huggable. It is also machine washable offering years of being a faithful buddy.Sometimes you come to understand the simple toys are the ones that are loved the most.

The Positives
Special Schylling designed sock monkey. Classic, retro and cool. It sock monkey measures 20″ tall. Classic brown color with red lips. Schylling sock monkey toy is fun for all ages.

The Negatives
Stuffed monkey is 20 inches tall so it can be a little big for smaller children. Sown area around the arms and neck can start to tear away with regular use.

So What’s The Scoop?
Definitely, a good classic toy in modern production. You might just have to ordered a back up monkey, just in case the first one is loved “to death”!

Stuffed Sock Monkey.

Sock Monkey Toy.

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