Ramset Hammer Shot 0.22 Caliber Single Shot -Do it right the first time

Last Updated on August 16, 2019 by Cassie Lyons

Ramset Hammer Shot 0.22 Caliber Single Shot Tool is a hammer-actuated tool utilizing 0.22 caliber loads. This tool is for small DIY projects such as: fastening two by fours and furring strips to concrete in basements or room additions. This is a hammer actuated tool with a barrel design that allows for easy horizontal and overhead fastening with an impact-resistant handle and a contoured grip. This specific hammer has a larger strike nut than the HD22 to help with accuracy. The dimensions are as followed 2.75x14x2.75 and has a load and booster along with pin use and works best on steel and concrete.

The Positives
This device works well up to 3 inches, is very durable, and saves a lot of time for the customer. They also enjoyed that the price was within reason.

The Negatives
The only complaints about the product that I found were that the capsule sometimes sticks and that you have to hit firing mechanism spot on for it to work.

So What’s The Scoop?
Hammer Shot 0.22 Caliber Single Shot Tool is a great tool for those that need it for their diy repairs.

HS1 Opt.

HS2 Opt.

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