Qalo’s Silicone Rings Makes Showing Your Love Comfy and Safe

Last Updated on February 11, 2016 by Cassie Lyons

Women’s Slate Grey Silicone Ring is a product made by the Qalo brand which specializes in silicone wedding bands. These bands come in many, many different colors and even have several different designs. These rings are 100% silicone and will break if necessary. But wait, isn’t breaking a bad thing? Not for these rings. These bands are meant for those who exercise, spend ample time outdoors, or even have a mechanical job where if a regular metal ring got caught in a gear it would mean a horrendous degloving injury- ow. SO the purpose of these silicone rings is to still show your devotion to your partner without damaging a metal ring and also taking into consideration of your own safety.

The Positives
These rings are comfortable, easy to clean, and are really durable. I personally have a gold wedding ring that I wear when I can; however, when I am working as a veterinary technician a somewhat pointy and easily swallowed item on my hand isn’t too safe. This leads me to the other benefit of the silicone ring, the texture lends itself to sort of holding onto your skin- even when you’re sweaty. I also enjoy hiking and rock climbing which has already scratched the inside of my gold ring, which makes me pretty sad! But with my Qalo ring, I could literally rub a razor on the side of it and it would keep its matte even texture without flaw.

The Negatives
These rings don’t come in half sizes which can be annoying, but I suggest rounding up in size. These rings are also 20 dollars or more and there are others like it for much cheaper. On Etsy there are several companies like Aurarings which make silicone rings, but these rings tend to be about 13 dollars.

So What’s The Scoop?
Women’s Slate Grey Silicone Ring are Qalo brand silicone wedding bands meant to show your devotion no matter the situation. They break if you’re in a pinch, but stay strong for daily activities that could damage regular rings. I think this is a great buy, especially for those of us with a hand straining career and I am 100% satisfied with mine!



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