Progressive International Nut Chopper Provides Durable Nut Grinding

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If you don’t want chopping nuts to be a chore, the Progressive International Nut Chopper is the perfect solution. The non-skid base keeps the grinder in place, while the stainless steel chopping mechanism chops up nuts in fine or coarse selections. You won’t have to worry about sore hands either, as the santoprene grip handle is large and comfortable and can be used for right or left handed individuals. Once you’ve chopped up all the nuts, the bottom detaches for convenient clean up! The Progressive International Nut Chopper costs a bit more than other brands, but for good reason. Let me detail some reasons why.

The popular Lifetime Brands Nut Chopper for example is cheaper in price, but features a much smaller hand roller that can make the task uncomfortable. And, the Progressive International brand can handle all types of nuts, including walnuts and almonds. Although many of the reviews are positive, some reviewers have had negative experiences with the product.

Some struggled to chop the nuts into smaller pieces, while others found that the metal teeth broke off. This drawback is certainly a major one, as some customers actually found small metal pieces in their food. Fortunately, the majority of online reviews had positive experiences with the product and even bought the Progressive International one to replace a much older, worn out nut chopper.

The Positives
Durable stainless-steel chopping mechanism with fine or coarse options. Oversized santoprene grip handle and lid that’s designed for right or left hand use. Manual nut grinder grinds soft peanuts or hard almonds. Ground nuts fall into container with measurements up to 1-1/3 cups. Hand glass nut chopper has non-skid base which keeps grinder stable.

The Negatives
Depending on hand strength some may have hard time with manual grinding. Some reviewers felt that the construction was not heavy duty enough.

So What’s The Scoop?
To avoid the metal blades from breaking, customers suggest that if you feel resistance, remove the nut immediately. On the whole, customers are quite satisfied with this manual nut chopper that makes chopping and measuring nuts a breeze!

Progressive International Nut Chopper Product.

Progressive International Nut Chopper Review.

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