Playskool Step Start Walk N Ride Is A Sturdy Baby Push Walker

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Inventively designed, this Playskool Step Start Walk ‘n Ride has two positions, one for walking behind and another for riding on. It is recommended for children nine months to three years, growing with them as they transition from crawling to walking to riding about. It safely locks into position with a wheel-lock mechanism that only adults can activate. The toy has several hands on activities embedded on the surface for texture, movement, and silly sounds. In the riding position the toy has a little storage trunk for carrying along favorite small toys. Made of colorful, molded plastic this dual-purpose toy is sure to please a curious toddler.

It requires assembly with a Phillips screwdriver. Parent reviews have conflicting opinions about the Playskool Step Start Walk N Ride. Others state that the spacing of the rear wheels is not quite right and baby stumbles over them as they try to walk. It is reported that as a walker this toy is most appropriate on a carpeted surface as it may move too quickly and be unstable on hard floors.

The Positives
Includes two toys in one – The stable walker helps babies learn to stand and walk. Converts to baby’s ride-on toy, with a locking mechanism only parents can activate. Features hands-on activities in both the walker and ride-on modes. Kids can see fascinating sights, hear silly sounds and touch interesting textures. Comes with a soft antenna, colorful spinner, clicking gearshift and storage area.

The Negatives
Some report issues with the spacing of the rear wheels is not quite right. A few reviewers said that the walker can be unstable on hard floors.

So What’s The Scoop?
Many reported that this is a well-loved walker that steadies the little ones before they can take their first independent steps.

Baby Push Walker.

Step Start Walk N Ride.

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