Petco Treat Bar Natural Wheat-Free Pals with Pumpkin & Spices: Dog Tested, Human Approved!

Last Updated on October 11, 2018 by Cassie Lyons

Petco Treat Bar Natural Wheat-Free Pals with Pumpkin & Spice are large, crunchy dog or cat treats. They are easily breakable, so are easy for munching or for turning into smaller pieces for those pets that scarf their treats. These treats can be ordered online in large quantities or if you go in stores they are at a treat bear where you can choose the exact amount you want, along with other treats you can mix in.

The Positives
I love that I know what ingredients are in this product. My dog is my baby, so I like to know what is going in her body- and I approve of these. There’re peas for protein; vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves for taste; and pumpkin actually does wonders for the digestive tract. Plus, as the title mentions, these treats are all natural so pets who are sensitive to artificial ingredients can still enjoy these! Oh, and the most important aspect- my dog loves these!

The Negatives
The only negatives about this product is the fact that you can’t purchase these anywhere besides Petco. Most likely, you don’t want to purchase these online and receive a houseful of treats- unless of course you have many dogs, then this is a great purchase for you! But I do love the treat bar that allows you to try the treats before you purchase a larger quantity. Another possible negative to this product may be that if your dog eats a large quantity- he or she may have a lovely shade of orange to their feces.

So What’s The Scoop?
Petco Treat Bar Natural Wheat-Free Pals with Pumpkin & Spice are large, natural, and healthy for your pets. These treats are buyable via internet in large quantities or at the treat bar within the Petco stores. Being informed of what your pets are eating is always wise especially if they have sensitive stomachs, or show signs of irritation- because you know it wasn’t any ingredients in these treats, which is always reassuring for obsessive pet parents like myself. So try one or two of these from the store- then try some more!



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