This Durable Patio Heater Cover Keeps Your Heater Clean And Dry

For many homeowners, a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor entertaining space is a must. There is no finer joy at times than relaxing in your own backyard, or having friends over for a barbeque in a space that is inviting. Not everyone can live in a part of the country where the weather is hospitable year round however, leaving some to purchase additional equipment such as a space heater for their outdoor spaces to extend its use each year into the early fall months. Such equipment is expensive and needs protection however to be serviceable for years to come, which is where the Veranda Patio Heater Cover comes in.

The Veranda Standup Patio Heater Cover is designed to fit standup outdoor heaters with a dome as large as 34″ and a base as large as 18.5″. The cover features a zipper closure for easy placement and removal, and the outer shell is designed of weather proof material that stands up to the cold of winter without cracking. To ensure the stability of your unit, the cover features air vents to reduce condensation inside and prevent ballooning when windy. While other patio heater covers are available on the market, only this backyard heater cover offers the best of both worlds at an affordable price.

Other models offer the same coverage and protection at a greater cost, while cheaper models offer less protection for your patio heater. Online reviewers struggled to find a negative aspect of the Veranda Patio Heater Cover. The majority of users were thoroughly impressed with the rugged fabric used and the protection the cover offered. In fact, the biggest knock reviewers could find was with the drab color scheme!

The Positives
Zippered closure for easy placement and removal. Air vents reduce condensation and lessen ballooning in wind. Gardelle protective fabric system won’t crack in cold weather. Backyard heater cover keeps your heater clean, dry and ready to use. Cover provides elegant protection against the elements.

The Negatives
Some users felt that the it needs separate zippers for the upper and lower sections. A few reviewers did find this outdoor heater cover color scheme to be drab.

So What’s The Scoop?
Equipment such as a patio heater can come in handy by keeping your outdoor entertaining areas warm in the cooler fall months, allowing longer enjoyment each year of your outdoor patio. But such investments shouldn’t be left unprotected. This Veranda Heater Cover is an economically feasible way to protect your investment so it can serve you for years to come.

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