This Pampered Chef Can Opener Is A Luxury One Handed Opener

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Chances are you’re at least familiar with the Pampered Chef name, whether it be from word of mouth or from a Pampered Chef party. From those same people who make a home presentation show fun comes their version of the hand-held can opener. The Pampered Chef Smooth-Edge Can Opener does what one expects of a Pampered Chef Can Opener: with a twist of your wrist, that can of soup is open and ready to eat. However, what seems to set this model apart from others is the fact that it leaves the can’s detached top with a smooth edge which can be used as a lid for the can for food storage. Take a look at the photos below to see the smooth edge.

For years, we were cautioned not to store leftover food in the cans they came from, but technology has advanced, and some canned brands feature a coating that makes it safe to use the can to store unused quantities. This unit also keeps the lid from falling into the can’s contents.

The Positives
Sharp edges are eliminated and lid will not fall into can. Steel-cutting blade and wheel never touch the food. Durable, break-resistant plastic handles and turn knob for easy handling. Convenient lid gripper lifts lid off can after opening. Includes bottle cap opener and metal prying tool.

The Negatives
Some customers had some difficulty learning to use this model. The price for this manual can opener can be expensive.

So What’s The Scoop?
With the absence of a ragged, cut lid’s edge means no chances of nicks or cuts on your fingers. Overall reviews were positive, however, it should be noted customers had some difficulty learning to use this smooth can opener.

The Pampered Chef Smooth Edge Can Opener.

Pampered Chef Can Openers.

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