Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount -The Mount of all Mounts! Perfect for all telescopes

Last Updated on February 16, 2017 by Cassie Lyons

Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount securely holds virtually any camera up to a telescope eyepiece for a-focal astrophotography. This camera mount is compatible with all 1.25″ telescope eyepieces and most 2″ eyepieces and works with most digital cameras. Rubber-lined eyepiece clamp prevents scratching on the eyepiece while bracket rotation allows visual access without disrupting alignment. The camera mount helps you to take impressive pictures of the Moon, bright planets, and the Sun. Precise positioning with the eyepiece optimizes the quality and sharpness of your photos. This versatile mount offers three dimensions of adjustment: horizontal, vertical, and depth to accommodate almost any camera size or lens position. Orion SteadyPix Delux is made with a sturdy all-metal design for superior rigidity and performance and only weighs 10 ounces.

The Positives
The Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount is very easy to put together, comes in 2 pieces, and is universal. This is the perfect camera mount for quick shots with a digital camera.

The Negatives
There were only two complaints about this product. The first one is that the mounting screw is sometimes difficult to tighten and the second is that it feels very heavy on the eyepiece.

So What’s The Scoop?
Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount is a great tool to help you take a-focal astrophotos with your telescope.

CM1 Opt.

CM2 Opt.

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