The Orange Guard Natural Ant Killer Spray Uses The Power Of Nature

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Nothing is more disturbing during the spring and summer months than finding many of Mother Nature’s inhabitants making their way into your home in search of shelter. Ants, spiders, and other bugs are everywhere in our yards and have a real knack for finding their way into our homes. With the help of Orange Guard Home Pest Control you can naturally and safely keep unwanted guests from creeping into your home. This natural ant killer spray is made from orange peel extract and is a safe and effective way to spray for pest inside and outside of your home. Orange Guard’s pesticide is registered with the EPA, attesting to its safe nature.

Instead of using harsh and dangerous chemicals, Orange Guard uses natural ingredients from orange peels to deliver a blow to would-be home invaders. There is obviously a great deal of competition in the marketplace, but the majority of other pesticides contain dangerous chemicals that are not safe for use in the home. Other all natural ant killer products contain many of the same ingredients as Orange Guard, but are sold by different manufacturers.

The majority of online reviewers found that Orange Guard natural bug spray was useful, but some reviewers had very negative opinions of the product. A handful of users found that Orange Guard was largely ineffective against ants and spiders unless used in great quantities. This however left an oily residue and unbearable smell in their homes.

The Positives
Made from d-Limonene (orange peel extract). Orange peel is a natural repellent. Works on ants, fire ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, aphids and other insect pests. Water based indoor/outdoor insecticide that may be used around food and humans. This organic ant killer took 14 years in research and development efforts. The non toxic ant killer is a great alternative to conventional insecticides.

The Negatives
Reports from users about the product leaving an oily residue. Some users felt it was ineffective against ants unless used in great quantities.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you are looking for a great natural insect killer that is safe to use around the home, you will experience success with the Orange Guard Home Pest Control. If you have a heavier insect problem though, the assistance of a professional or the use of stronger chemicals may be necessary.

Orange Guard Water Based Indoor Outdoor Home Pest Control.

Natural Ant Killer.

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