Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Tank Top Blue Tropical Print- Not Just for Men!

Last Updated on October 31, 2019 by Cassie Lyons

Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Tank Top Blue Tropical Print is a Target brand tank top made of mostly cotton and a dash of polyester. It has a crew neckline and is categorized as a “men’s” shirt, but truthfully both genders can definitely wear it (no matter how “endowed” you are). The product can be machine washed and tumble dried, so no worries on shrinkage. The shirt is called “Blue Tropical Print” but what that really means is that the base of the shirt is a medium blue evenly decorated with dark blue hibiscuses with light green leaves and then some large, red macaw birds are strategically placed kitty corner to the flowers. A not as noticeable detail is that there are green macaws in the background of the pattern- the same green as the leaves, and I’ll mention those in a minute.

The Positives
This shirt is super comfortable, and so easy to wash- which makes it perfect for lazy summer days. As a curvy girl I was worried this shirt wouldn’t fit me right or would literally show half of my bra on both sides, but it fits oddly well to the female form. If you want it to fit loose you can purchase a size up, but if you’d like it to fit to form then going with your usual true size should give you that style. The sizes range from small to extra-extra-large so whatever fit you’re going for can be achieved. I like color palette on this product quite well too. With the majority of the shirt being cool colors, the pop of red from the large macaws makes them stand out even more against the background.

The Negatives
I am being a bit nit picky when I talk about the negatives to this product, so please bear with me. First, something that just bothers me is online the Target website says this shirt is 100% cotton, but it’s not- therefore, boo false advertising. Secondly, I mentioned above that I like the color scheme of the shirt, and overall I do. I just wish that either there weren’t a handful of mini macaws in the background or maybe the mini macaws were a different color that the leaves of the hibiscuses. Other than those two odd ball concerns- I love the shirt.

So What’s The Scoop?
Mossimo Supply Co. Men’s Tank Top Blue Tropical Print is a tank top exclusively sold at Target that I would consider unisex instead of men’s only. The sizes range from small to extra-extra-large, which gives a pretty decent selection for fit. This product is easy to care for because you can machine wash and tumble dry it. Overall this product is a good purchase- not great but not bad either. Plus it’s cheap and comfy, so really what more could you ask for?



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