The Affordable And Easy To Use Smart Planet MDM-1 Mini Donut Maker

The Smart Planet Mini Donut Maker is a great machine that bakes up tiny donuts in a few minutes. It’s perfect for the sweet lover and also makes for a fun family activity. Great for a quick chocolate fix, you can be creative with the donut maker, as it uses a variety of boxed cake or donut mixes. The Smart Planet Donut Maker is small and compact, fitting neatly on a countertop or cabinet. It has a non-stick surface so that removing the donuts in one piece is effortless. Without the need for oils or butters, there’s easy clean up and healthier cooking. The mini donut maker is fast, with a batch of 6 donuts being completed in 4 minutes.

Start with recipes from the included cookbook or use your own mixes. Online reviews are mostly positive, as owners love the speed and efficiency of the machine. After looking at some comments however, it’s apparent that these Smart Planet Donut Machines can be difficult to use. Some reviewers have had trouble getting the donuts to shape properly, with the batter oozing out or the tops not baking up.

For a cheaper price, some reviewers liked the Bella Cucina Donut Maker instead, which offers more even cooking. Online reviews also warn that although the electric donut maker can be a family activity, it gets way too hot for kids to use unsupervised.

The Positives
Automatic donut maker bakes delicious fresh donuts in less than 4 minutes. Home donut maker is easy to use and safe for even the youngest baker. Compatible with any store bought donut mix and includes recipe book. Non-stick surface releases donuts instantly and makes clean up a breeze. Each donut is about 2″ in diameter with about a 1/2″ sized hole in it.

The Negatives
Some reviewers had trouble getting the doughnuts to shape properly. Mini donut size may be too small for some that desire larger donuts.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, the Smart Planet Mini Donut Maker is a great addition to any kitchen. With an affordable price and easy set-up, you can have fun making donuts on your own time and in any flavor you crave.

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