McDavid Thermal Shoulder Wrap Provides Both Hot Or Icy Cold Therapy

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Baseball fans everywhere have no doubt seen their favorite star pitcher conduct a post-game interview with a large ice pack on his throwing shoulder. Ice and heat are ideal methods of helping tired or injured muscles and joints recover and/or relax. While your favorite pitcher has a staff of trainers to wrap his shoulder, not everyone has an extra helping hand to get their shoulder wrapped up. For the rest of us there is the McDavid Thermal Shoulder Wrap. The hot or cold shoulder wrap from McDavid is constructed with neoprene materials to help with hot and cold insulation during rehabilitation.

The hot or cold shoulder wrap also features a gel pack that can be used for dual purposes. When the pack is cold the ice treatment it provides helps muscles recover after trauma, while heating the pack allows users to soothe acute injuries that have tendency to recur over time. Other shoulder wraps are available on the market, but few feature the hands free design and use of the McDavid, and even fewer come with a dual purpose gel pack.

An overwhelming number of online reviewers had nothing but good things to say about the McDavid Thermal Shoulder Wrap, but not everyone was completely in love with it. A number of reviewers found that the wrap did not hold heat in as well as it did cold and that the gel pack began to leak after being heated up a few times. Others found that it was not as easy to put on alone as McDavid advertises.

The Positives
Thermal shoulder strap for safe, hands-free treatment of injuries. Supports cold treatment of acute injuries immediately after trauma. Provides hot treatment to chronic (ongoing) injuries to soothe area. Insulating neoprene material helps maintain desired temperature. Support for basketball, volleyball, baseball, football, soccer and other activities.

The Negatives
Some owners felt the wrap was not easy enough to put on alone. The gel shoulder wrap strap seems not to hold heat in as well as it does cold.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you have chronic shoulder issues or just need to ice your shoulder after routine activities, the McDavid Thermal Shoulder Wrap is a good choice for quick, effective relief.

Mcdavid Thermal Shoulder Wrap.

Mcdavid Elasto Gel Shoulderwrap.

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