The Omega Masticating Juicer Thoroughly Chews Up Plant Fibers

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There is a real push these days for people to become healthier. Building on this idea, Omega has given us their Nutrition Center. In essence, this is a masticating juicer that does more than simply spit out your morning orange juice. This fruit and vegetable electric juicer chews whatever you want it to, yielding juice with more of the healthy stuff (vitamins, minerals) intact. It does this with a motor that is billed as a 1/3 horsepower single-phase induction motor. A low speed of 80 RPMs from this motor insures there are no excessive heat issues as well as no clogging or foaming. Now let’s discuss the internal workings of this masticating juicer.

Pop in your choice of veggie, fruit and/or leafy greens (including wheat grass) and out comes the maximum of healthiest juice possible. Continuous juicing is possible with the model’s automatic pulp-ejection function. The Omega masticating juicer also has many other functions as well.

Use it to freshly grind your coffee beans, whip up some ultra-natural baby food, make natural nut butters and push out fresh spaghetti or linguine pastas. It’s also worth noting the juicer comes with a 10 year warranty. Reviews that I read online about this juicer were overwhelmingly positive.

The Positives
Functions as juicer, food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder. High juice yield, auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing. Dual-stage juicing system, low speed of 80 rpms, no foaming, clogging. Commercial masticating juicer with 1/3-HP single-phase induction motor. Fully extract vitamins, enzymes, minerals from fruits and vegetables.

The Negatives
The electric juicer feed tube is smaller compared to most non masticating juicers. A reviewer mentioned not liking how many parts require cleaning.

So What’s The Scoop?
Consumers appeared to really like using this juicer machine and felt it lives up to all its claims. Reviews noted the quietness of this model as well as its ease of use. In conclusion, the Omega Masticating Juicer looks to be a great addition to any kitchen.

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