Lucky Brand The Roll Up Hawaiian Gardens Wash Denim Shorts: Comfort with a Cute Twist

Last Updated on March 2, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Lucky Brand The Roll Up Hawaiian Gardens Wash Denim Shorts are midrise, blue jean shorts. They have white flowers embroidered evenly throughout and are made from a cotton/spandex blend. The rolled up ends of the shorts are tacked into place at the seams, so no need to worry about them becoming wrinkled when they come out of the dryer. And yes that’s right, you can put them in the dryer and the washer too. The jean material is more of a median between jeggings and regular ol’ jeans, so you get a good stretch to these. The fit of these would be regular or straight legged, so they don’t cling to your thighs. They also have a 3” seam, making them a mid-thigh length short- safe for school.

The Positives
Basically just by describing these shorts- I’m describing the positives. The cotton/spandex blend keeps these a light, stretchy material; without the clinginess of jeggings and with the durability of true jeans. I love the flowers, the thread hasn’t come undone even with me washing them in the dryer/washer tons of times. The flowers also give this piece some depth to it without going crazy with some neon, tribal pattern (not as if there’s anything wrong with that- simply just not my style). I also really like the length of these shorts, they cover what I want them to while still keeping me cool in the Summer and they also just give you a real cute look- not sexy, not prude- just cute without any frills to it.

The Negatives
The only detail about these that bothers me a bit is the fit of the waist. Although I love the stretch of these, the waist just stretches a bit too much in my opinion. If they’re going to be midrise, I want them to have a good hold on my waist.

So What’s The Scoop?
Lucky Brand The Roll Up Hawaiian Gardens Wash Denim Shorts are sweet and feminine without being too sexy or having too many frills. They’re a perfect medium for someone who wants comfort and style. Plus you get the bonus of a good quality product that will last you as a Summer investment. So if you’re in the market for some unique, denim shorts- take a look at these because they do not disappoint.



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