Learn While You Play With The Brainbox Board Game!

Last Updated on February 7, 2017 by Cassie Lyons

The Ultimate BrainBox Challenge is a simple game to learn, just roll the die and move around the board collecting BrainBox cards. The first player to collect one from each category and return to the center is the winner. There are 160 cards in eight different categories and also squares where you can try to get more than one card at a time, but with all high-risk strategies there are downsides. The categories are: History, Natural World, Food & Drink, Art & Literature, Pot Luck, Sports, People & Places, and Entertainment. This board game encourages children to learn in a fun environment with a little friendly competition.

The Positives
Customers who left reviews said that the BrainBox board game is a fun and entertaining game for the whole family as well as educating. With a wide range of categories there is something for everyone to be good at.

The Negatives
The game is not meant for children under the recommended age due to the difficulty of the questions asked and small parts (dice).

So What’s The Scoop?
The Ultimate BrainBox Challenge is the perfect game for family night if you are wanting to try something different and yet want game night to still be a learning experience for the whole family. Learn about different foods, sports, history, and more with a wide range of BrainBox Challenge Board Games to choose from.

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