KSNY Gel Strong Nail Polish, Can Good Nail Polish Be Just $2.99?

Last Updated on September 20, 2018 by Cassie Lyons

KSNY Gel Strong Nail Polish by Kiss New York, is marketed as low price, high quality, and strong as gel, nail polishes. They come in 36 different varieties- some including glitter- and cost around $2.99 per bottle. They don’t offer a base coat, but other than that have every color of the rainbow and a top coat. These polishes are sold at stores such as: Dollar General, Sally Beauty, and many more. The bottle is square in shape, with a nice cylindrical gunmetal colored top. You also don’t need a LED light source to set the polish, it is meant for air drying.

The Positives
There are too many to even list! But I will anyway. First off, the price is a steal- even at Walmart you can’t get many polishes that cheap. Also there are so many colors, so it’s not like you only have a couple choices and then have to buy other colors in the pricey brands- you can just get them all from Kiss New York! I also want to note that these go on so smooth and only take two coats for solid coverage- just like all the other brands do- and the product itself goes on great! I hate dealing with thick, sticky polishes that take forever to dry, most of the time I just don’t paint my nails because that; however, these polishes dry super quick and are thin with no lumps or bumps. I’m even going to tell from experience that the pricey nail polishes when side by side compared- suck. I applied this polish in Secret Garden which is a nice sage green color and then next to it I applied Butter’s London Fog and to be honest I liked the texture of the KSNY nail polish better, and it dried faster!

The Negatives
There really is only one negative I can genuinely say about this nail lacquer which is that it does not last a very long time. Now I don’t know about you, but to me I’d rather have smooth polish that you just have to apply more often than to have thick, uncomfortable nail polish that lasts a week more, but of course that is just my opinion.

So What’s The Scoop?
KSNY Gel Strong Nail Polish is inexpensive nail polish that comes in 36 colors and shines just as well as gel polish, but applies even better. With the only negative being how long it stays, I’d still say this nail polish is a steal because all the other pros make up and more for just one con.



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