This Kids Trike Offers A Smooth Transition From Stroller To Trike

There are a number of tricycles on the market these days with a wide range of prices and features. If you’re looking for a trike that can help transition your child from a stroller to a tricycle, then give this Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Trike a look. For use with children as young as eighteen months, this kids trike offers parent control in the form of a locking steering system that disables the steering capacity for the child, a pushbar that allows the parent to guide the trike and an Auto Freewheel system that lets the rider rest his feet on the pedals. Now let’s cover the pedal mechanics and the steering setup.

When your child is ready to pedal, there is an on/off switch that puts the steering and pedaling back into the child’s hands. The weight capacity is 200 pounds. Some customers have noted that the stated age for beginning use of this trike might be a too young.

The Positives
Child’s tricycle features an auto-freewheel for comfort and safety. Komfy-ride air tires, sturdy rear tipping bucket. Quick-adjust frame with telescoping multiple frame adjustment options. Tri-wheel steering navigation system.

The Negatives
One reviewer said this kids tricycle brakes are of a bad design that caused the trike to lurch. Some said the pedal’s circumference is too small for a child to propel forward easily.

So What’s The Scoop?
All three Komfy-Ride tires are air-filled and designed to grip the riding surface. A handy rear bucket is handy for carting items. Crafted out of high carbon steel, the Kettler Children’s Trike also features a finish that is resistant to fading.

Kettler Kettrike Air Navigator Trike.

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