This Kettle Popcorn Maker Offers True Theater Tasting Popcorn

Last Updated on July 28, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Nothing says true movie experience like the smell of hot buttered popcorn. Getting theater popcorn at home is now possible. The Maxi-Matic EMP-450 Elite Tabletop Old-Fashioned 4-Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper is a tabletop model with retro-styling reminiscent of popcorn carts of yesteryear. The Kettle Popcorn Maker features a stainless steel kettle with a built in stirring mechanism, this kettle pops four ounces of popcorn at a time. Multiple batches will need to be popped for larger groups. While on the heavy side, it weighs in at 30 pounds, it is movable and easily fits on a tabletop or counter. It has clear windows and a door to view the popcorn.

The door does occasionally pop out of its track but is easily put back in. This popper has a heating element to keep your popped corn warm unlike other poppers that only have a warming light. It features a pull out kernel crumb tray. This tray along with a detachable kettle adds to the easy cleanup of the popper.

The Positives
Tabletop retro-style hot-oil popcorn popper with 1-1/2-gallon capacity. Large 4-ounce stainless-steel kettle with built-in stirring mechanism. Offers 2 separate on/off toggle switches for the kettle and warming light. Plexi-glass windows and door; includes scoop and measuring cup and spoon. Includes a 4-ounce stainless steel kettle with built in stirring system, plexi-glass windows.

The Negatives
The kettle part takes a little work to master, the latch is not so intuitive. You will need enough counter space to handle the Maxi-Matic Popper Machine.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you’re looking to enhance your family’s movie viewing pleasure, the Maxi-Matic Kettle Popcorn Maker can bring some of the movie theater charm into your own home theater.

Maxi Matic EPM 450 Elite Tabletop Old Fashioned 4 Ounce Kettle Popcorn Popper.

Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker.

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