Kaz PersonalMist Ultrasonic Humidifier Great For Bedroom Or Office

The Kaz PersonalMist Ultrasonic Humidifier is an exciting small humidifier to own for people who have never tried an ultrasonic humidifier before. There are no filters to change which makes the machine very easy to wipe clean between uses. When the holding tank is full, this style of Kaz humidifier will mist into a room for about 8-hours when the settings are adjusted to the lowest level of mist. Personal mist machines are very popular items in every dry air area of the country. When extra moisture is misted into the air, this helps users with dry-eye problems and all types of sinus allergies that flare-up when the air is too dry.

As can be seen in the Amazon customer reviews, this tabletop unit produces a heavier mist than some of the larger types of humidifier models. However, for many users, this heavier form of mist is exactly what they are looking for. When a dry-air furnace or air conditioning system is causing homeowners a discomfort around the eyes or inside of the sinuses, this small-size humidifier is just the right size to use in a bedroom to ensure a good sleep.

The Positives
Room Humidifier can be used for travel, bedroom or office. 2 quiet settings for maximum control. The tank empties within 10 – 12 hours to allow for a full day of use. Moisture humidifier only needs to be filled once a day/night. Portable humidifier best to be used in an area of 600 sq feet or less.

The Negatives
Comment of the unit putting out too much moisture for smaller rooms. One reviewer mentioned that it consumed water too quickly.

So What’s The Scoop?
The Kaz name is well-known for their healthy lifestyle products. The Ultrasonic Kaz Humidifier with the heavier misting action seems to be very well-liked by the people who want a little more water in the air than what the larger models of humidifiers produce.

Kaz Personalmist Ultrasonic Humidifier.

Moisture Humidifier.

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