This Jump Starter Includes A Great Balance Of Power And Portability

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A dead battery can be a thorn in the side of any driver, anywhere. Dead batteries seem to have a knack for striking at the worst possible time when we are running late for work or to pick up our kids from school. You can avoid these setbacks, and others, if you are well prepared. This begins and ends with a Jump-N-Carry Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter. The 12 volt portable jump starter comes with 27 foot, four gauge cables capable of jumping starting most any dead battery. This particular model provides 900 peak amps with full size clamps capable of cutting through any level of battery corrosion.

An added feature of the Jump-n-Carry battery jump starter is a built in flashlight to make early morning or late night jump starts that much easier. Jump starters are a dime a dozen on the market, but few of them can match the power and portability of this car battery charger. Better yet, the Jump-n-Carry model’s built-in flashlight provides a nice extra that others lack.

Most online reviewers were extremely happy with their product; though among those who had glowing reviews for the product a handful had yet to use their unit for its intended purpose. The few individuals who found issues with their auto jump starter reported that despite a full charge it failed to perform its intended purpose the first time they used it. Don’t allow a dead battery to leave you out in the cold.

The Positives
This automotive battery charger has 900 peak amperes and 225 cranking amperes. Also features a high intensity work light AND 56″ cable span. Starting power into a battery booster that weighs just 9 pounds. Car jump starter offers full size clamps to penetrate battery corrosion. Battery booster includes a convenient grip-lock clamp storage system.

The Negatives
Suffers from the effects of the cold just like your car battery does. Some felt it would be helpful for the charge plug for this portable jump starter to be built into the unit.

So What’s The Scoop?
While jumper cables are good option as well, but you can’t control when and where a dead battery will strike. The Jump-N-Carry Battery Jumper provides the ultimate assurance that you can jump start your car wherever you are, whenever a dead battery strikes.

Jump N Carry 12V Jump Starter With Light.

Jump Starter.

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