JIGSORT 1500 Jigsaw Puzzle Jigthings Is Perfect For Anyone Who Enjoys Puzzles

Last Updated on August 7, 2018 by Cassie Lyons

The JIGSORT 1500 Jigsaw Puzzle Jigthings is suitable for most puzzles up to 1,500 pieces – up to 36 inches x 26 inches. There is a separate tray for the puzzle to rest on to make it more moveable and portable along with 4 sort trays to work on individual parts in a smaller space, like on your lap. The Jigsort keeps the puzzle in place and everything neat and tidy to continue at another time, or even place.

The Positives
The Jigsort is moveable and portable which makes it perfect for the roadtrip traveller. The container holds most puzzles 1500 or under which helps to be able to fit most customers needs. Also, the Jigsort has 4 individual sections for working on parts instead of hauling the whole puzzle.

The Negatives
There were a couple negatives that were mentioned by customers. Two of the main complaints are that the puzzle carrier is 1/2 inch too small for Springbok 1500 piece puzzles to fit. The Jigsort is also rather heavy for a lot of people to carry when travelling.

So What’s The Scoop?
The JIGSORT 1500 Jigsaw Puzzle Jigthings is the perfect gift for a puzzle enthusiast and allows them to take on more puzzles with ease. The Jigsort is the perfect size for the advanced puzzler to be able to relax at the end of the day with as much of the puzzle or as little as they want while sitting on a couch. I highly recommend this Jigsort puzzle container.

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