The Surebonder Hot Glue Gun Features Low And High Settings

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The Surebonder Dual Temperature Glue Gun is a must-have tool for all your arts and crafts. This dual temperature gun is best for personal crafts and DIY projects. It features low and high settings, with the higher temperatures being suitable for metals and plastics. The lower temperatures are best for delicate materials, such as lace or foliage. What makes this hot glue gun rise to the top is that it has a flip down stand and a no drip tip. That means that when the gun is laid on its side, it won’t drip and cause extra mess. The 60-watt hot glue gun comes with a 10-foot cord, on/off switch and non-stick rubberized coating.

Ratings from owners are positive but do emphasize that the hot glue gun is best for smaller projects or moderate use. Some of the best reviews come from product owners who have used the gun on lightweight materials such as felt, fabrics and foam.

The Positives
High temperature setting for better bonding to metals, plastics and ceramic. Low temperature setting for bonding delicate material and lightweight fabric. Exclusive no drip tip so even if it’s laid on it side, this glue gun will not drip. Has an insulated nozzle, lever handle trigger and non-stick rubberized coating. Glue gun uses 4-Inch or 10-Inch glue sticks with 7/16-Inch diameter.

The Negatives
That said, some reviewers found that the no drip tip is a bit exaggerated, as dripping does occur. While less than other glue guns, product owners recommend placing a pad underneath to catch dripping glue. There was also some concern over the power cord containing lead and a few consumers felt that this was unnecessary with products today.

So What’s The Scoop?
Consumers also rave about the safety features of this hot glue gun, as the hot parts are covered and the no drip tip means less hot glue on the table. Overall, this is an average-quality craft glue gun that will get small projects done in a snap!

Surebonder Dual Temperature Full Size Glue Gun.

Hot Glue Gun.

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