Harbinger Push Up Bars Provide Comfortable Padded Workout

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Looking to tone and strengthen your upper body? Instead of leveraging your own wrists, try the much safer and more comfortable Harbinger Push Up Bars. These push up stands come fully padded, making them comfortable and easy to grip. They lie flat on the floor, creating a stable position for you to do regular and reverse push-ups. The polyethylene construction is super durable and the nonskid rubber pads keep the bars in place. Online reviews are positive, as those who enjoy working out love the even weight distribution that works the core without using other muscles to compensate. Now you can isolate specific muscle groups.

At a great price, these push up bars are a nice addition to any workout room and have landed plenty of happy customers. They’re the same price as the GoFit Push Up Bars, which lack in the solid construction and fully padded design as the Harbinger ones. Even with the wide range of motions and the portability of these push up bars, there were still some negative issues with the product.

Some product owners felt the bars were poorly made, with the plastic-like material breaking easily. Others felt that the bars weren’t as comfortable as advertised. Fortunately, product owners assured buyers that the wrists have some adjusting to do with any push up bars and the Harbinger push up grips were comfortable as promised.

The Positives
Padded-handle push-up bars for strengthening and toning upper body. Delta-shaped base sits flat against floor to create stable training platform. Push up grips evenly distributes weight between hands while working core. Polyethylene construction with padded foam grips for maximum comfort. Nonskid rubber pads for traction and each bar supports up to 350 pounds.

The Negatives
Some reviewers felt the push up handles plastic-like material was not of quality construction. A few owners felt that the bars weren’t as comfortable as advertised.

So What’s The Scoop?
On the whole, these Harbinger Push Up Bars are a great addition to anyone’s workout routine, being available at an affordable price and maximizing upper chest exercises.

Harbinger 373500 Padded Handle Push Up Bars 1.

Push Up Stands.

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