Fluke Infrared Thermometer Offers Quick And Accurate Readings

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Whether you are a professional working at a job site or a cooking enthusiast who is busy in the kitchen, knowing the exact temperature of certain surfaces and objects is very important. Getting temperature readings quickly and accurately, and most of all safely, can’t be done without the right tools. The Fluke Mini Infrared Thermometer is the perfect accessory for anyone who counts on accurate temperature readings in their everyday life. The Fluke Infrared Thermometer features a compact and ergonomic design with a simple trigger operation. The powerful infrared laser is capable of providing temperature readings from as far as six feet away.

It features a digital display that shows both current and maximum temperature. The Fluke 62 mini infrared thermometer offers a best in class accuracy reading capable of picking up temperature readings varying from -20 degrees to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. A variety of infrared thermometers are available on the market. The Fluke is among the best for professional use, but has upsides and downsides compared to other models. Some handheld thermometer have a greater temperature range than the Fluke, with greater displays; while other models are less expensive provide very basic readings and small temperature ranges.

The Positives
This impressively rugged and compact thermometer takes accurate readings from up to six feet away. It also offers LCD backlighting for visibility in the dark and sports broad reading range from -20 degrees to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind this digital infrared thermometer offers the best accuracy in its class: + 1% of reading. Lastly, the Fluke 62 mini thermometer package includes a soft carrying case, start guide, and battery.

The Negatives
Although the majority of online reviewers gave the Fluke non contact infrared thermometer rave reviews, a number of reviewers were not impressed with the Fluke. The biggest complaint was with the portable infrared thermometers main function, reading temperatures accurately. Many reviewers noted that the Fluke was off by 2-5 degrees or more sometimes and that it was not capable of the advertised temperature range of -20 to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Do note that solid surfaces yield better result than non-solid surfaces, like water.

So What’s The Scoop?
Given that the majority of owners have successfully used their Fluke Mini Infrared Thermometer, it would make a great addition to your tool kit too.

Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Thermometer.

Fluke Infrared Thermometer.

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