Eureka Handheld Vacuum Cleans Cars, Upholstery And Stairs Quickly

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Tired of lugging around an oversized vacuum that doesn’t seem to have power? The Eureka Handheld Vacuum is affordable and lightweight, turning vacuuming into a less dreaded chore. Instead of dragging around a vacuum, this handheld design features a 20-foot cord and cleans upholstery, sofas and stairs. The portable vacuum also features two different motors, one for powering the revolving brush and one for powering the suction. With the 5.5 amp motor, you’ll never be disappointed with the suction and power of this vacuum. The compact design includes a crevice tool for reaching tight spaces.

In addition, the bagless filter and clear dust cup make for easy cleaning. Customers love this product and feel that it stands ahead of the popular Dirt Devil handheld vacuums that have been on the market for quite some time. Many online reviews feel that the Dirt Devil blows dust back into the air and has rather poor suction. The Eureka on the other hand, continues to impress product owners, as it is powerful and comfortable to use.

Even with all the positive reviews, some consumers had trouble with their Eureka vacuum. Most of the negative complaints were in regards to personal preferences rather than the quality of the machine, such as consumers wanting a retractable cord. However, some product owners found that the motor burned out after a few uses. While under warranty, it is still limited, so reviews urge others to keep all warranty information on hand.

The Positives
Strong 5.5 amp suction with stretch hose cleans cars, upholstery, stairs. A long 20-foot cord that wraps for storage which provides good reach. One motor powers the revolving brush, second motor for suction. There’s no bag to change, just a filter and clear plastic dust cup to shake out. Hand vac has an on board crevice tool and riser visor for carpeted stairs.

The Negatives
Emptying the filter can be messy, not good for those with dust allergies. This hand vacuum corded power makes it impractical for mobile auto cleaning.

So What’s The Scoop?
On the whole, the Eureka Handheld Vacuum that is perfect for cleaning couches, upholstery, stairs or as a car vacuum all without needing a big vacuum.

Eureka Handheld Vacuum.

Eureka71B Hand Held Vacuum.

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