Sanyo Compact Dorm Refrigerator Is A Great Fit For College Students

The Sanyo Mid-Size Refrigerator is perfect for a dorm room or second refrigerator, offering plenty of space and a sleek design. It is 2 2/5 cubic feet in size, with adjustable temperature controls, a half-width freezer compartment and slide-out shelves. The refrigerator also comes with a convenient ice tray and vertical can dispenser, keeping consistent with its compact organization system. This dorm refrigerator features a reversible door so that you can choose to have the door open from the left or right side, making it super easy to fit in any small space. Also the mini fridge can be placed on an uneven surface due to two adjustable feet.

Overall, this is a great dorm refrigerator that doesn’t skimp on features or appearance. Reviewers say that the refrigerator certainly lives up to its image, being perfect for offices, dorms or bedrooms. Even though it’s compact, the unit doesn’t fail to store gallons of milk or liters of soda.

Unfortunately, several customers were disappointed in the way the product was shipped, receiving the dorm refrigerator with small dents from not being packaged properly. While the good news is that this has nothing to do with the refrigerator’s performance, customers were still faced with having to return the product or deal with a dented refrigerator.

The Positives
Compact refrigerator has door storage with 2 shelves and a vertical can dispenser. Reversible door, smooth back, leveling legs and ice-cube tray included. Great for keeping food, snacks, and beverages chilled and ready to enjoy. Half-width shelf that will accommodate a 2-liter bottle of soda. Offers a 2-2/5-cubic-foot small dorm refrigerator with adjustable thermostat control.

The Negatives
Dorm fridge may not be big enough for some consumers and their storage needs. Damage from shipping was an issue for a number of owners.

So What’s The Scoop?
On the whole, this is a great little fridge, especially for the price. The mini refrigerator comes with plenty of features and does a great job of storing a range of products, while also offering a mini freezer for frozen goods.

Dorm Refrigerator.

Sanyo SR A2480M Compact Mid Size Refrigerator.

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