This Portable Cordless Vacuum Targets Dirt In Tight Spaces

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For anyone who is obsessive about staying clean, you want to know that your dustbuster is nothing short of a top of the line product that will keep your home clean from any instrusive filth. With the Black and Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster, makers claim that you can remove anything from any crevice thanks to the new tools and attachments. Cordless hand vacuums can be used to clean up everything in the home from dirt, to insects, to simply sweeping up a floor. This particular cordless vacuum has immense power, unmatched by other vacuums and keeps any surface cleaned easily. The hand vacuum breaks apart into 3 pieces with ease.

As the first cordless hand vacuum, this hand vacuum still contains the power of a corded one. It can hunt into deep crevices with a pull out brush that is attached. The hard plastic sleeve attached to the hand vacuum covers the washable filter so that things do not get stuck to the filter.

The Positives
The first is the nozzle area piece, the second is the main canister area piece, and the third is the motorized piece. Being lightweight and only three pieces makes it simple to snap apart to empty into the trash, and simple to snap back together to continue cleaning. You don’t have to worry about which child or family pet took away which part of the vacuum with this hand vacuum. It folds out easily and because it only has three smaller parts, it is not too heavy. The hand vacuum has a charging mechanism which plugs into an outlet and the handle. When it is charging, a light comes on to let you know so that if it is not plugged in all the way, you don’t let it sit there all night, only to wake up frustrated that it didn’t charge.

The Negatives
While there were not many negatives, the machine has been stated to be too heavy for a cordless vacuum cleaner. In addition, a few felt the suction was weak and could only pick up loose particles while having trouble with dust.

So What’s The Scoop?
A number of reviewers on online agree that it takes the cake in terms of cleaning your home and removing dust and other filth. The Black And Decker Cordless Vacuum is simple to use with great suction. It has brush and crevice tools which are permanently attached, removing the standard frustration of trying to locate each piece when you need it, since they always seem to disappear—especially if you have young children who like to play swords.

Cordless Vacuum.

Black Decker Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vacuum.

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