This Cordless String Trimmer Offers Excellent Battery Life

Maintaining a home is perhaps the biggest task involved with owning a home, and the outside of the house often requires the most attention. Almost every garage in America has a lawnmower in it, but not all of them have all the tools for keeping the lawn looking perfect. Sure, you can get away with just mowing your grass, but if you want to have that well groomed look you’ll need an edger/trimmer. The Black and Decker Cordless String Trimmer is an environmentally friendly alternative to the old gas powered string trimmer, and the 18 volt lithium ion battery can still do the job of keeping that lawn well manicured.

The Black and Decker cordless trimmer is lightweight and powered by an 18 volt lithium ion battery that is not only lighter than the competition, but holds a charge longer too. The edger and trimmer from Black and Decker offers a 12-inch cutting swath and comes with a quick charger that can recharge the battery in just 1 hour. Other features of this model include an adjustable aluminum shaft, auxiliary handle, and a specialized gear drive transmission that increases the torque of the unit for extra power.

Electric trimmers are becoming more and more popular as people move away from gas-guzzling lawn tools. This particular Black and Decker model has one major advantage over its rivals on the marketplace, a Lithium ion battery. Many other models feature NiCad batteries that are heavier and provide shorter usage between charges.

The Positives
This cordlesss trimmer sports an innovative lithium ion battery that is lighter and holds a charge much longer than lesser batteries. Also it’s able to deliver high-level cutting performance without gas, oil, or pull cords. Behind the scenes, the patented gear drive transmission dramatically increases power output, plus the string trimmer edger has an adjustable length aluminum shaft and auxiliary handle. All told, this Black and Decker trimmer comes with one lithium ion battery, a standard charger, weighs only 6 pounds and comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Negatives
While most online reviewers had nothing but positive things to say about the Black and Decker electric string trimmer, others were not as impressed. A handful of reviewers noted that the Black and Decker did not last long and was underpowered as an edger in particular. A few users even noted that this model was not any more powerful or long lasting than previous NiCad battery powered models they owned. Lastly, there were a few online reports of the trimmer line feeding out improperly.

So What’s The Scoop?
If you are looking to “go green” with your lawn maintenance efforts, this cordless weed trimmer and eater would be a good start considering the abundant features and affordable price point. While not ideal for those with large yards, the average yard can be cared for easily with this tool.

Black Decker String Trimmer Edger.

Cordless String Trimmer.

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