Color Oops: The Revolutionary Replacement for Bleach

Last Updated on April 5, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Color Oops is a pneumonia and bleach free boxed product used for removing artificial hair dye. It only removes permanent hair dye that uses a colorant and developer, so temporary colors such as Splat or Manic Panic will not come out and may even change to a gross color. Also, do not use on purely bleached hair! Your hair will turn green. So if you have reds, browns, blacks, or any variety within, this product will remove it in 1-2 washes. It comes in two varieties- extra strength and extra-conditioning. Either or will get the job done. And if you have long hair you might need two boxes.

The Positives
This product will work! I’ve used it at least five or six times and every time it took out the top layer of box color that I was displeased with- even bright red. That’s right RED! One wash and bright, unnatural red dye was washed from my hair with no damage. The hair after the wash(s) comes out undamaged, but slightly dry- as if you used a cheap shampoo. After applying conditioner on it or coconut oil for a few mins and rinsing, your hair is good as new! Hair is also ready for dying right after, no wait time needed.

The Negatives
There are definitely some glaring negatives to this product. It will remove artificial dye… and your natural color! I do not know for sure if this was just the extra-strength being too strong, but I have medium brown hair and I put black dye on top, then I used Color Oops a little while later and I was a copper blonde. How does this happen? Well the science behind the product is that it causes the dye molecules to shrink and just wash right out of your hair. Apparently, your natural hair color molecules can shrink too and you can be left with a coppery aftermath. For some this is fine because you were going to put another dye right on top and no one will even know about your previously copper tresses, but for some the scare is too real and you may want to just go to a professional. Another downside to this product is that it stains- everything. Clothes, counters, towels- anything this product comes in contact with it will remove the color of, especially after a wash. The most immediately noticeable negative however is the smell. It is even worse than the smell of bleach. Yikes! And even after washing your hair a few times, you can still smell it!

So What’s The Scoop?
Color Oops is a great product, revolutionary in fact- but only if you have a very specific need. If you want permanent hair dye- without highlights- out of your hair and you’re planning on re-dying your hair that day, this product is for you; however, make sure for certain that you are prepared for the stink, the mess, and the oddball color you might get right after use.



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