Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Core STRETCH Warm-Up Jacket: Could This Scrub Jacket be Right for You?

Last Updated on March 9, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Core STRETCH Warm-Up Jacket is made of a half/half combination of polyester and cotton, with a dash of spandex. It has a zip closure and jewel neckline, plus three pockets. There are two pockets on the right, and one pocket on the left. This product is machine washable, and can be tumble dried on low. You can choose from 15 different colors and 10 different sizes. This jacket isn’t identified as female fit, but I would definitely call it that, so men beware if you don’t want to emphasize those curves.

The Positives
Before I start, I will say I am NOT a fan of scrub jackets, I want movement and I feel like jackets really limit your ability to contort your body; however, I will give a fair review on this product even if I don’t particularly like wearing any type of scrub jacket, so onward with the review. Although not a huge selection, there is still a pleasant variety in colors and also quite a few sizes available. The pockets on this jacket are the best, they’re big and great for putting all sorts of nasties in. Plus there is an ID loop on the lower right pocket which is quite the nice touch. The addition of spandex gives you a little more wiggle room than if it were just a little more cotton, so I’m thankful for that ingredient in the mix. The length of this jacket tends to be just a tad longer than the scrub top, which I think is more pleasing to the eye then if the top was longer.

The Negatives
Besides this being a jacket, there are a couple things I would change about this product. I don’t like the jewel neckline, it’s not very comfortable or appealing to the eye in my opinion. Truthfully I don’t even know what “jewel” means, but I wouldn’t recommend they make anything else with it. Another issue is these jackets run small, something I am not use to Cherokee doing. I usually wear an extra-small scrub top, but with the jacket I have to wear a medium- it’s kind of a leap in sizes but to fit my curves and be able to zip I have to. Other than those two issues, this jacket floats my boat.

So What’s The Scoop?
Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Core STRETCH Warm-Up Jacket comes in 15 colors and 10 sizes, it’s machine washable, and has a zip front. The sizes run small on this product, so I suggest buying up a size. There are three pockets on the front of this jacket, and also a useful little ID loop on the right side. The STRETCH portion of this jacket is thanks to the 3% spandex in the cotton and polyester mix, which I’m thankful for. If you like scrub jackets, I’d think this is quite a suitable fit, so give it some thought if you’re in the market.



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