Cards Against Humanity-Can You Handle It?

Last Updated on November 17, 2019 by Cassie Lyons

Cards Against Humanity comes with 550 cards, 460 White cards and 90 Black cards. The box includes the game rules and alternate rules and comes in a shrink-wrapped custom box. Cards Against Humanity is a game for those who aren’t worried about morals and judgement. Think of it as an Adult version of Apples to Apples where they don’t suggest anyone under 18 playing. Just like Apples to Apples someone picks a question (black card) and everyone else responds with the funniest answer from their choice of white cards. The range of answers vary greatly from appropriate to highly inappropriate answers and is not one for the weak. It is great for parties or college dorm room game nights and can be played with just a few or more than 20 players to be completely customizeable to your parties.

The Positives
Many customers loved that the game was easy to understand and is pretty much a grown up version of apples to apples. With the right sense of humor and the right group this game can be very entertaining and is great for parties. The ideal number is 6-8 players however this game works for anywhere from 4 to over 20 people! So whether you are having just a small get together or a 21st birthday bash it can be loads of fun.

The Negatives
Some of the customers felt the responses are too offensive while others thought they were too stupid due to their nature. It is a game that is based on your morals and what you deem humorous to decided whether it will be an enjoyable game or not unlike regular board games where they are just fun based on how interactive you are with it.

So What’s The Scoop?
Cards Against Humanity is a good game for people who have the right type of humor for it. This is definitely not a game that children can play, however, on adult or college game night this could be fun for most.

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