This Duracell Car Power Inverter Is Packed With Features

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In a classic episode of the Simpson’s, Homer crashes his car into the water after driving off a pier because he was distracted by an assortment of technological equipment in his vehicle. Homer’s mini-oven, donut deep fryer, and fax machine may be a little unrealistic, but there are certainly items we’d love to have in our cars that we don’t have because the power structure isn’t right. The Duracell DC to AC Pocket Power Inverter can make some of your dreams reality though! This car power inverter is perfect for use in the car and features the ability to turn 12 volt DC power produced by a vehicle’s battery into 120 volt AC power.

This car power converter from Duracell allows users to charge two items at the same time with separate AC and USB outlets, and can easily power a cell phone, iPod, video camera, or even a laptop. The Duracell power inverter is powerful enough to run these tools, yet small enough to fit in your pocket. There are a number of competing models available on the marketplace, but only this car DC to AC power inverter carries the Duracell name.

Other models may offer greater power output and even surge protection, but they do not sport the combination of size and power that this model does. While the vast majority of online reviewers were pleased with their this 12 volt inverter, a number of reviewers noted an inability for the unit to charge multiple items at the same time.

The Positives
Inverter converts 12-volt DC power from a vehicle battery into 120-volt AC power. Will charge or operate a cell phone, iPod, BlackBerry, cameras, laptop, and more. Powers two devices simultaneously and fits in your pocket, purse and laptop bag. DC cable fits all standard cigarette-lighter and vehicle accessory power sockets. The Duracell Car Adapter has a over-temperature shutdown keeps the unit from overheating.

The Negatives
Some users feel felt this inverter does not provide enough power for a laptop. A few reports that this car charger can be very noisy during summer conditions.

So What’s The Scoop?
Certain reviewers had issues charging up laptops with this inverter while others experienced no issues. The success of the Duracell Auto Power Inverter seems to be dependent upon each individual case. While many enjoyed success power multiple items or a laptop, others did not.

Car Power Inverter.

Duracell 175 Watt Pocket Power Source Inverter.

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