Bond & Co. Pink Floral Dog Harness Dress: Cute and Convenient?

Last Updated on August 25, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

Bond & Co. Pink Floral Dog Harness Dress is an adorable canine dress with a D-ring secured to the back. This harness comes in several different patterns (mostly florals with the main color being pink) and comes in sizes extra-extra-small to small. The harness is padded and made out of a water resistant material which isn’t listed, therefore I do not want to make an assumption on what it is. The pattern I picked has a pink base with white polka dots and a floral ruffle around the waist and floral peter pan styled collar. The harness is secured on by Velcro around the waist and a buckle around the neck- the buckle also being pink.

The Positives
Of course the first thing I have to say is this is just too cute. My dog is sort of a tom boy but I enjoy giving her a feminine flare with harnesses sense she won’t wear clothes for me. I think the material of this product is great for the summer because it’s cold to the touch and seems easy to wash with a wet cloth. These characteristics make the fabric sound uncomfortable but it actually feels really soft and has a layer of padding in it for extra comfort, yet it is super lightweight. I also appreciate the two different techniques for securing the harness, just in case the Velcro fails the buckle is a strong backup but also the Velcro gives diversity in waist size so not every dog has to be the same size.

The Negatives
One thing I don’t like is that online there is nearly zero information about this product, if you have a dog with sensitive skin and a strange anatomy you need a little more information before purchasing a $14 harness. Another issue is quite obvious; xxsmall- small is not a logical size range for anyone, even dogs! The sizes also run large, my dog normally wears a small and she fits in an xxsmall.

So What’s The Scoop?
Bond & Co. Pink Floral Dog Harness Dress is a lightweight harness that utilizes Velcro and a buckle for security. It’s adorable plus super soft, and I don’t really have a problem with the product but I do dislike the lack of information that is given about it and it also comes in a very limited size range (xxs-s). But if you have a smaller dog, I think this is a great harness option.



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