Bodum French Press Is A Contender For The Best French Press

From among hundreds of reviews, customers agree the Bodum French Press delivers the absolute highest quality among all coffee brewing products. One customer raved that “one cup from the french press has knocked me into the stratosphere, and that alone is worth giving this product 5 stars.” Bodum’s French Press is a simple coffee brewer that unlocks the potential of the coffee bean. This 32 ounce press is easy to use and retains the beans’ natural oils for enriched flavor. The Bodum family has been perfecting the art of the coffee press since 1944 and in 2004 the Bodum French Press received quite an award.

Which was the American Culinary Institute’s award for “Best French Press Coffeemaker.” As with all French Press methods of coffee brewing, the Bodum press requires more cleaning when compared to “drip brewers” and other automatic machines. However, across the board, customers believe “the extra minute of cleaning means nothing when compared to the exceptional cup the press brews for me each morning…it’s like a mini coffee shop in my kitchen.” The Bodum French Press has an 8-cup capacity and is ideal for everything from daily use to larger dinner party events. Rest assured, Bodum products are known to be stylish and well-built all at an affordable price.

The Positives
Brews 32 ounces of coffee and retains beans’ oils for rich, complex flavor. Sturdy, chrome-plated brass frame and easy-to-clean glass carafe. Stainless-steel press mechanism and replacement parts available. Turn lid to close spout and not for stovetop use. 8-cup capacity and elegant design, this French press is great for dinner parties.

The Negatives
The Bodum press requires more cleaning when compared to drip brewers. Some of the components for this coffee press are plastic.

So What’s The Scoop?
For the most part, across the board, customers believe the extra time it takes in cleaning is very much worth it considering the exceptional cup of coffee one can achieve with this Bodum French Press.

Bodum Chambord French Coffee Press.

Best French Press.

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