This Baby Float Includes An Adjustable And Removable Canopy

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If you have small children in your home and a pool in your backyard, you should consider buying this baby float. The Swimways Baby Spring Float Canopy claims to be a safe and fun alternative for children who are playing out of doors. For those families with pools, having a young children constantly clinging to the parents can remove a sense of growing independence from children, remove their potential for exercise, and take away the fun that the parents might otherwise have trying to relax in the pool. With this new baby pool float, babies can rest in the pool with parents, toys in hand, protected from the sun.

For children who are around thirty inches long and weighing around twenty pounds, this is the perfect play toy. Young children who might otherwise be too small for such a toy are perfect for this one. This is perfect for children even if they cannot hold themselves up yet because they can lean forward over the inflatable cushion which is provided and then place their arms out of both sides.

The Positives
With the convenient mash ring children can keep their toys next to them, within arms reach for when they want to play with them or put them back. Understanding the risks of skin cancer and over exposure to the sun for small children, this toy comes with a safety canopy which covers small children completely from the sun. Young children are able to kick their legs to move around and therefore get a lot of exercise.

The Negatives
The front and back sides of the floatation device are not marked so it can be worrisome as to which end is appropriate and how to correctly place the child inside. If the child cannot hold themselves up, then parents need to watch over them as they play.

So What’s The Scoop?
Overall, owners agree that it succeeds compared to any other floatation device for children. Many “floaties”, such as this model, fall short because children often sink in them, requiring parents to continually hold their child while they play. However, this infant pool float doesn’t require that parents hold their child. Instead, it keeps the children floating happily inside, letting the parents relax as much as the children. It provides the feeling of independence for children who can float, dangle, and play, without having to hang on their parents while in the pool.

Baby Float.

Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy.

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