Assured Knee Supports: Knee Braces For a Dollar?

Last Updated on July 16, 2017 by Cassie Lyons

Assured Knee Supports are elastic, blue knee braces that come for cheap- very cheap, you can buy them at the Dollar Tree. These braces are solid individually or in bulk packs of 24. They’re made of a singular band that goes all the way around the knee with no break and is one size fits most- which we will come back to. I mentioned you can purchase this at Dollar Tree, which is the only place you can buy it in person, but you can buy it online at ebay and Amazon also.

The Positives
Well the price is definitely something to be impressed by. Plus one size fits most means you don’t have to be confused trying to figure out your knee size and the fabric doesn’t look too noticeable underneath pants either. Blue is a bonus too if you’re into that.

The Negatives
I’m sorry but here it comes. One size fits most- well it didn’t fit me and I would consider myself average sized. The knee brace was too big to actually provide support for my knee, it just slipped on and off like a weird arm band for your leg. Another thing, online where it tells you what materials the brace is made out of it just says “elastic.” Some people have fabric sensitivities, you can’t just describe one of the types of fabrics because the brace is obviously not 100% “elastic.” Unfortunately, I really can’t give a proper review of this product because it doesn’t fit! Which I would say says it all.

So What’s The Scoop?
Assured Knee Supports are elastic band braces that slip on over the knee with no need for clasps or Velcro. The braces are one size fits all and are considered super stretchy. These braces are only a dollar each making them a super steal if they work for you, so could it be a good catch? Maybe? Again, it didn’t even fit me so I can’t tell you whether it would help or not.



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