This ASO Ankle Brace Helps To Stabilize An Injured Or Weak Ankle

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The ASO ankle brace is a really popular and affordable option for basketball players, runners, and everyday people who struggle with the effects of weak ankles. From my research, I’ve found that this particular ankle brace has some features that give it the best balance between stability and flexibility, which makes it great for people who want to baby their ankles but stay active. Where other ankle braces usually have one strap – or are simply a neoprene sleeve or even an ace bandage wrapped just so – this one has two straps. According to the company, this is to mimic the actual stabilizing action of ligaments in the ankles, and according to reviewers, it works.

The ASO is well-known for giving the wearer a feeling of stability without being rigid, so you can still actively play sports. Instead of just being a pain-management option – like a basic neoprene wrap – this brace has proven to prevent injury for many people who struggle with bad ankles. It takes a little time to put on, but most reviewers say it rates much better than other ankle braces, including the Swedo Tarsal Lock, the T2 Active Ankle, and the Mueller Neoprene Ankle Wrap. One user compares it to the McDavid ankle brace, which is made similarly but is a little bulkier.

The Positives
The main thing reviewers love about the ASO ankle brace is that it allows you to move your foot freely while still preventing injury. It’s not just there to keep down swelling or make you feel more comfortable; it actually does stabilize your ankle and prevent injury.
Reviewers who had to wear the ankle brace long term and in everyday situations really appreciated the added touch of a front wraparound section that hides all the laces when you finish putting the brace on. It makes the brace look like a black sock, so it’s unobtrusive, even if you have to wear it during your normal workday.

The Negatives
The main problem noted with this ankle brace is that it takes a while to put on. Most reviewers, though, noted that this was definitely worthwhile.
One reviewer noted that an Aircast actually gave more support and comfort at the beginning of a sprain when it was just healing. The ASO, though, is made for more of a functional role – to prevent further injury to weak or already injured ankles.

So What’s The Scoop?
The ASO ankle stabilizing orthosis is recommended by most reviewers, as well as orthopedic doctors. It stabilizes the ankles well, and it’s really relatively affordable. If you want to play sports without injuring weak ankles, this is definitely a product I’d recommend.

Large picture of a sports ankle brace.

Second large picture of an ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis.

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