Versatile American Crew Pomade Brings Shine And Hold To Men’s Hair

Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by Cassie Lyons

American Crew Pomade is a sleek and stylishly packaged hair care product designed with dudes in mind. A word of warning though, guys may need to guard it from their wives and girlfriends. This pomade may be geared towards guys, but the ladies are discovering that this shine imparting pomade is a real keeper. The versatile American Crew Pomade offers light to medium control. Short and trendy styles can be spiked with a dollop of this pomade, or dry, flyaway hair can be smoothed with just a small dab. This pomade has a fairly thick consistency, prompting some users to thin it down by adding a bit of water and rubbing it between their two palms.

Unlike most gel hair styling products, the American Crew Pomade will not leave your hair crispy, crunchy or otherwise untouchable. Another selling point is the clean, slightly masculine fragrance. The formula combines ginseng and sage for a welcome change from the usual flowery fragrance found in most styling products. This pomade packs a shiny punch with beneficial extracts and oils.

The Positives
For excellent hold, shine and control. Best pomade for curly or straight hair. Excellent for slicking hair back. Distribute evenly through towel dried hair. Has a nice smell that’s not overpowering.

The Negatives
This is a softer pomade and does not have as strong of hold as denser pomades. One reviewer thought this pomade left his hair a little on the greasy side.

So What’s The Scoop?
The overwhelming consensus on this American Crew pomade among reviewers is that it holds your hair in style without getting crusty and flaky.

Crew Pomade.

Best Pomade.

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