AEO Textured Hooded Cardigan- A Staple For Every Weather

Last Updated on August 1, 2018 by Cassie Lyons

AEO Textured Hooded Cardigan is made of a very light, bouncy fabric- a combination of cotton, polyester, and acrylic. This light cardigan features two frontal pockets and a hood. There is a ribbed textured trim along the top of the pockets and front opening of the cardigan. I personally wear this cardigan all the time. The fit is loose, but varies on just how loose. You can wear an extra small to a medium, and it will still fit in a comfortable manner.

The Positives
This cardigan is great for any weather. with its loose fit you can wear a long sleeve shirt or tank top under it- making it versatile in all seasons. It also comes in several colors- olive, cream, charcoal, and rust. The hood also is a bonus that enhances its ability to be worn in all types of weather. It can also be machine washed, although it needs to be laid out to dry.

The Negatives
Although an overall great product, this cardigan could use slight improvement. The addition of buttons or maybe a zipper would be beneficial due to the light fabric not providing an immense amount of warmth.

So What’s The Scoop?
AEO Textured Hooded Cardigan is a great staple for the coming Autumn season. Buy one color, or buy all to match every outfit. It’s a great combination of comfort and style. Definitely a great buy for anyone, with any style.


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