Valeo Ankle And Wrist Weights Offer Handy 1 Pound Adjustable Packs

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Getting healthy is a goal for many people today. Incorporating more daily activity and exercise can be a great way to boost your overall health. To take a walk or jog up a notch, consider adding weights such as the Valeo AW10 Ten-Pound Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights. This wrist and ankle weight is a set of two equal weight bands that are designed to go on either the wrists or ankles using the adjustable d-ring closure system. Each pack has removable, one pound increment weights which lets you have up to five pounds on each limb. The ankle weights packs are constructed with soft padding that allows for extra comfort when wearing the weights.

The weights’ double closure strap makes for a secure fit when exercising. Customers providing reviews on Amazon did note that the adjustable ankle wrist weights were hard to use when running as they tended to slip and not stay in place. Some customers did have issues with the velcro straps breaking after a short period of use.

The Positives
Removable weight packs for adjustment from 2-10 pounds. Metal d-ring closure system allows weights to be worn on either ankles or wrists. Soft padding provides extra comfort for ankle weight exercise. Packaged in pairs, ankle wrist weights are 10-pounds total weight. 10lb ankle weights adjustable ankle/wrist weights have removable weight packs.

The Negatives
A few comments about ankle weights slipping around during running. Some owners said the Velcro straps broke after a short period of use.

So What’s The Scoop?
For most customers, these wrist and ankle weights worked great with a walking workout or for use when doing housework. Also most owners found the option to adjust the weight in one pound increments very helpful.

Adjustable Ankle Weight.

Valeo AW10 10 Pound Adjustable Ankle Wrist Weights.

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