Free People’s Sky Babydoll Dress- Perfect For Every Shape

Last Updated on March 31, 2018 by Cassie Lyons

Free People Sky Babydoll Dress is multi-colored, loose fitting, and has moderate details on the back. The dress comes in three different colors, but the pattern remains the same. The colors are mustard combo, ivory combo, and black combo. The cut is called, “babydoll” meaning it has an empire-like waist hitting just below the bust, but the dress then falls straight down from the seam- giving it a loose, flowing appearance.

The Positives
This dress hides imperfections by not sticking to the body, and is suitable for many body types due to its loose styling. The color options also give the opportunity to complement every skin tone. Due to its style it also gives off the appearance of a smaller bust, leading to a cuter look rather than sexy.

The Negatives
This product is hand wash only. It is also made of an easily snagging material that lacks flexibility. Thus the top portion of the dress doesn’t allow for stretching, so if you have a larger bust your only option is to go up in size. The length of the dress varies immensely on your height and can be knee length on one person, but quite cheeky on another.

So What’s The Scoop?
Free People Sky Babydoll Dress is a lovely, flowing dress great for warm weather and modest enough to give you confidence. However, I suggest being wary of the fit. If possible, attempt to try this dress on in person before purchasing. I conclude, overall, it’s a “ok” purchase.



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