Zeno Acne Clearing Device Delivers Heated Acne Spot Treatment

The Zeno Acne Clearing Device is an electronic medical device that has been clinically proven to quickly reduce blemishes. This battery operated, hand-held device is available without a prescription and is recommended for those who experience mild to moderate acne outbreaks. The Zeno Acne Clearing Device is said to be the most scientifically advanced and effective acne fighting therapy for home use. The Zeno Device utilizes a temperature controlled heated tip that is placed directly in contact with the blemish. This heat source transfers heat directly into the skin’s follicle, killing the bacteria that is the cause of 90% of all blemishes.

To prevent heat damage to the skin, the Zeno features an internal controller chip that monitors and adjusts the temperature to keep the heat at a fixed range. This patented microprocessor adapts to each individual users skin type, allowing the user to create a personalized treatment suited for their own skin temperature and blemish location. The heat is carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that the level of heat will not cause any skin damage. To clear up most pimples, a routine of two to three treatments over a 24 hour period is recommended, many times only one treatment will be needed.

The Positives
Clinically proven and dermatologist recommended. This acne clearing device won the Allure Best of Beauty award winner. In clinical trails, 90% of blemishes treated fade or disappear within 24 hours. Two to three treatments spread over 24 hours clear up most pimples quickly. Most experienced little reaction to the Zeno acne treatment low-level heat.

The Negatives
How well your skin will react to the heat depends on your skins sensitivity levels. Usually needs to be used at the early onset of the blemish for best results.

So What’s The Scoop?
Lots of positive online reviews that the Zeno acne device lived up to the hype of reducing the size and intensity of blemishes. Though some owners reported it did next to nothing in helping to reduce the size of an active blemish.

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